• From I to We

    Networked thinking and acting

WeQ Foundation

The WeQ Foundation was initiated by a group of like-minded figures from the economic and scientific background, as well as from civil society. The Paradigm Shift from I to We needs a platform for the collaborative development of initiatives, networks and projects.

Taken as a whole, WeQ is about a profound and comprehensive cultural change aimed at promoting and actively shaping the WeQ Approach in all areas of life.

A strong community of WeQ Fellows, a WeQ Platform for exemplary projects, a WeQ Ecosystem for a targeted, sustainable monitoring of the transformation process and the WeQ Communication via WeQ News Channel, Publications etc. are all pillars for a Network of Networks.


Prof. Ulrich Weinberg
President WeQ Foundation
CEO HPI School of Design Thinking

Dr. Helga Breuninger
Co-President WeQ Foundation
CEO Breuninger Foundation Group

Peter Spiegel
Co-President & Secretary General WeQ Foundation
CEO Genisis Institute

Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther
Board Member WeQ Foundation
President Akademie für Potenzialentfaltung

Prof. Dr. Günter Faltin
Board Member WeQ Foundation
CEO Stiftung Entrepreneurship

Marianne Obermüller
Board Member WeQ Foundation
CEO Genisis Business Innovation

David Diallo
Board member WeQ Foundation
CEO Impact Partner & Social Publish

WeQ Foundation

Pariser Platz 6
D-10117 Berlin
+49 (0)30 206 307 27

In its current booster phase, the WeQ Foundaton is a project of the Breuninger Stiftung GmbH, Charlottenstr. 21a, 70182 Stuttgart.

The WeQ trademark rights are registered and protectd by the European Patent Ofce (EPO).

Platform WeQ Projects

WeQ Fellows is a community of numerous independent projects, initiatives and institutions that have already made substantial progress in terms of a WeQ Attitude and WeQ Mode. Our aim is to create a kaleidoscope of similar projects. The following options will guide you to the homepages where you can learn more about each particular project and institution.

WeQ Community

WeQ Fellows are the key drivers of the WeQ Foundaton’s growing community. Both the WeQ Foundaton Council and the community around it recommend and invite people to become WeQ Fellows. Accordingly, those Fellows become Co-Founders of the WeQ Foundaton , whose fnancial situaton they support as much as possible. Download more information here.


Margret Rasfeld
Schule im Aufbruch, Ashoka Fellow

Markus Stegfellner
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Cooperative for the Common Good

Georgios Zervas
Author of Global Minimum Wage

WeQ Kommunikation

WeQ News

WeQ News Channel

The actvites of the WeQ Foundaton, the WeQ Community and the WeQ Partners are constantly updated on our WeQ News Channel. There you can get an idea on how the WeQ Paradigm Shif and the WeQ Mode are taking hold on all areas of society.